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Reimagining Digital Transformation

Transforming industries as the world takes a plunge into generative AI, metaverse, and digital engineering through a suite of technology solutions, products, and cloud services.

Transform IT

Tailored cloud solutions to empower, innovate, and streamline your IT infrastructure. G7 CR - a global cloud managed solution provider of Microsoft, believes in creating a resilient, secure, and more agile IT system and solution.

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Reimagine Digital

Technology acts as a catalyst for most businesses. Therefore, we at G7 CR have created a digital ecosystem for growth and transformation through ever-evolving technology, certified cloud professionals, and thoughtful design architectures.

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Think Strategy

Strategy is not about doing different things; it is about doing things which result in achieving the desired outcomes. Our solutions are designed to harness 360° value to our customers and partners by creating a sustainable business model.

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Building a greener and more sustainable IT ecosystem with Microsoft Data Centers

At G7 CR, we believe in creating an enduring infrastructure to achieve net zero goals by transforming enterprises through Microsoft’s energy-efficient data centers, emission impact dashboards, and smart factories to further contribute to 2.5M carbon negative, 1.3M water positive, zero waste, 24PB of environmental ecosystem availability. 

Enabling Innovation & Scale Through Industry Cloud

As enterprises are evolving constantly and looking for tailored solutions for their specific industry needs, G7 CR is continuously upgrading its industry cloud offerings in order to facilitate quicker and most favorable solutions to its customers.


As the healthcare industry prioritizes patient care and remote patient monitoring systems, AI/ML assisted imaging, 3-D printing diagnosis, and personalized customer experiences, G7 CR is offering solutions specific to these requirements to improve value and efficiency.

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As retail and metaverse are going together, G7 CR is offering tailored cloud solutions for retail industry to create better customer experiences with offers. We help you become resilient and drive profitability and growth by unifying customer engagements and insights.

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G7 CR – being the largest cloud MSP of Microsoft, complies with most of the government regulations and thus provides a resilient, secured IT system for government entities to better serve their citizens, along with flexible and scalable storage and communication resources.

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Since the BFSI industry is constantly looking to combat risks and frauds associated with transactions, G7 CR is building credibility and trust by offering ‘digital human’ like banking solutions to accelerate digital transformations using smart infra payment modernization, AI-enabled analytics, and sustainable transactions.

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G7 CR enables sustainable digital innovation and improves energy efficiency by 94% through Microsoft green data center transformation, cloud assessments, development and optimization of workloads that not only drive progress but also minimize negative impacts on the environment and society in the long term.

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As manufacturing companies prepare themselves to shift from industry 4.0 to 5.0, G7 CR provides them a path to enable predictive analysis and digitized customer engagement, a unified supply chain to enable digital manufacturing, and smart factories leveraging Microsoft cloud solutions.

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G7 CR Milestones

Transforming industries as the world takes a plunge into generative AI, metaverse, and digital engineering through a suite of technology solutions, products, and cloud services.


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